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‘Retina’ Screening at Sony Pictures

February 23, 2015

We’ll be screening an early cut of Retina in LA tomorrow at Sony Pictures for various distributors and producers. We’ve got some great people in the industry attending. This is just the first of many private screenings to get the project sold and out there for all of you to see. Wish us luck!

Early Screening of ‘Retina’

December 11, 2014

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the sneak peek of Retina at Lincoln Square 13 in New York City. Also want to say thank you to those who participated in the Q&A. I’m overwhelmed by how many people showed up and how well received the film was. This is only the beginning of getting the film…

‘Retina’ Sneak Peek at AMC Lincoln Square 13

December 11, 2014

A sneak peek / early cut of RETINA will be screening for the first time tonight (December 11th) at AMC Lincoln Square 13 (2nd floor) at 7PM with a Q&A. We’ll be showing in a large auditorium so if anyone wants to come, get in touch! There are seats available. I look forward to seeing everyone! Watch…