Thanks to everyone who showed up to the sneak peek of Retina at Lincoln Square 13 in New York City. Also want to say thank you to those who participated in the Q&A. I’m overwhelmed by how many people showed up and how well received the film was. This is only the beginning of getting the film out to be screened and distributed. Sorry to those who couldn’t make it, hope you get to see the final film soon!

Josh Carlos and Jared at the Screening of Retina

A special shout out to my good friends Joshua Jenks and Jared Slade Goldman, couldn’t have shot the film without their help. So glad you were both at the screening to share the moment. Thanks to actors Lindsay Goranson, Gary Swanson, Ron Haxton and Ian Temple for being there and helping me tell this story.

For anyone interested in future screenings and availability, stay tuned!

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