Shocked and saddened to hear Mary Tyler Moore is no longer with us. When I was fourteen, I had the pleasure of meeting her. When I expressed my passion for filmmaking, she invited me to spend a day with her on set of a film she was working on. It was an incredible experience but she went out of her way to make it extraordinary – giving me her chair to sit in, introducing me to the cast, even convincing the director to include me as an extra. A few months later, she invited me to an ADR session for the same film. Over the years, she continued to show her support, attending various screenings of my first films, always with a smile. The last time we talked was in my sophomore year of college. She let me interview her on camera about her life. We talked for nearly an hour. It was an honor to know her and I can say with absolute certainty that she really did turn the world on with her smile. This is my interview with Mary.

– Carlos Ferrer