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Retina Sneak Peek at AMC Lincoln Square 13

December 11, 2014

A sneak peek / early cut of RETINA will be screening for the first time tonight (December 11th) at AMC Lincoln Square 13 (2nd floor) at 7PM with a Q&A. We’ll be showing in a large auditorium so if anyone wants to come, get in touch! There are seats available. I look forward to seeing everyone! Watch…

Retina Production Stills

July 14, 2014

Here are some production stills from the set of my current project Retina. I had a great time shooting this project with a wonderful cast and crew. Can’t wait for you all to see it! Checkout the Official Website at – Enjoy Photographer: Joshua Jenks

Retina Q&A

June 11, 2014

Had the pleasure of talking with Betsy F. Perry recently about a film I’m working on called Retina. It’s the first time I’ve spoken with someone about working on the film. Full Q&A here!

NYC Aerial Shots

May 13, 2014

Got some low flying aerial shots over New York City for my upcoming film Retina. Only when making a movie am I not afraid of flying…  I sat in the back with Jared Goldman who worked as a production assistant on the film. I was equipped with a small monitor and controls to operate the camera…