‘Retina’ Now Available on Digital & DVD!

September 4, 2018

Check out my indie thriller ‘Retina’ on iTunes and Amazon, released by Screen Media Films on VOD & DVD. I shot the film with a three-person crew and a group of talented actors. Completed all post myself (score, edit, mix, vfx, etc) for budget reasons and to better understand different aspects of post-production as a…

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‘Gargoyles’ Fan Film

March 22, 2018

Excited to finally share my fan film based on the Gargoyles animated tv series for fans like myself and newcomers. Had a lot of fun working on this project. I need as many views as possible to convince producers and execs that my vision of a live action Gargoyles film will work for audiences and fans….

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RIP Mary Tyler Moore

January 25, 2017

Shocked and saddened to hear Mary Tyler Moore is no longer with us. When I was fourteen, I had the pleasure of meeting her. When I expressed my passion for filmmaking, she invited me to spend a day with her on set of a film she was working on. It was an incredible experience but…

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SIGGRAPH 2016 Presentation

August 15, 2016

I had the honor of presenting my VFX work for ‘Retina‘ at SIGGRAPH this year. If you missed the livestream, catch it here! Thanks again to Maxon for recording the presentations! To learn more about Maxon Cinema 4D and see more videos like this, featuring some very talented artists, visit Cineversity.com Enjoy!

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July 7, 2016

Honored to be presenting at ‪SIGGRAPH 2016‬. If you’re in Anaheim end of July, I’ll be at the Maxon booth discussing how I used Cinema 4D to create the visual effects for my upcoming film RETINA! Livestream: c4dlive.com

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